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Fun Facts about the Sistine Chapel Ceiling Reproduction:

1.)  Gary was 33 when he started the Sistine Chapel Ceiling Reproduction, the same age as Michelangelo when he began his. 

2.) All the paints used in The Sistine Chapel Ceiling Reproduction were mixed with Holy Water.

3.) There are secret messages in the Sistine Chapel Ceiling Reproduction such as the names of the artist's daughters. 

4.) In total, six miles of 3mm lines were painted by Gary in the architectural details of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling Reproduction.

5.) About 200 good quality brushes were used to paint the Sistine Chapel Ceiling Reproduction.

6.) The Sistine Chapel Ceiling Reproduction is held up by 7500 2inch screws.

7.) The Sistine Chapel Ceiling Reproduction can never be cleaned.  Acrylic paint is renowned for being very difficult to clean.  Because the Sistine Chapel Ceiling Reproduction was painted in acrylic and the proper varnish wasn't invented at the time, if Gary was to try to clean the ceiling it would completely smear.

8.) Hundreds of tubes of paints were used and gallons of emulsion to paint the Sistine Chapel Ceiling Reproduction.

9.) Gary's original plan was to paint the Sistine Chapel Ceiling at home in his shed on the panels that would then be fixed to the ceiling of English Martyrs Church.  When he fixed the first section up the screw holes and joints practically destroyed the artwork.  Therefore he had to paint the panels once they had been fixed to the roof.

10.) In Gary's copy of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling he painted Pope St. John Paul II's coat of arms instead of Pope Julius II's.

11.)  Opposite the sanctury Gary painted two hearts in an architectural space representing the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary due to his own love of these devotions.

12.)  Despite painting with his neck back for 5 1/2 years Gary has never suffered any aches, pains or ailments in his neck.

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