Now available – high quality art cards – Sistine Chapel Preliminary sketches

Now available in a selection of high quality greeting cards, blank inside, complete with envelope and individually cellophane wrapped: Sistine Chapel Ceiling Reproduction Preliminary Sketches and a selection of original wildlife, landscape and Iconography paintings by artist Gary Bevans.

Preliminary Sketches were created as studies and references by artist Gary Bevans as he painted the Sistine Chapel Ceiling Reproduction in West Sussex between the years 1987-1993. Stunning pencil and parchment drawings, these card images are taken directly from the artist’s original Preliminary Sketches. The Sistine Chapel Ceiling Reproduction in England remains the world’s only full-scale replica of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling in Rome. Single-handedly planned, designed and painted in acrylic by a Sussex sign writer and Catholic parishioner, the Sistine Chapel Ceiling Reproduction draws many thousands of visitors each year. With a selection of postcards available in the church repository, Gary has now made available these original high quality cards of his Preliminary Sketches with additional examples of his landscape, Iconography and wildlife work added to his growing body of work. Gary was only 33 years old when he received permission from then Bishop Cormac Murphy-O’Connor in 1987 to begin painting an exact replica of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling on the roof of his local Catholic Church. The Church of the English Martyrs in Goring-by-Sea was built in the 1960’s, a modern architectural feat that

the parish priests and parishioners came to refer to as an ‘aircraft hanger’, with its immense plain white ceiling and white washed walls. Gary added various works of art around the church when he became a regular parishioner in the 1970’s, including two portraits of English Martyrs St Thomas More and St John Fisher. After joining a pilgrimage to Rome with Bishop Cormac and many priests of the Diocese of Arundel and¬†Brighton for the beatification of 85 English Martyrs, Gary was struck by the similarities in size of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling in the Vatican and the humble modern church of the English Martyrs in Wet Sussex, England. When he returned home, Gary designed a detailed scale drawing of his parish church ceiling that would not only incorporate Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling paintings but architectural framework, stained glass windows and 24 popes in order to make it fit correctly! An immensely ambitious and almost unthinkable proposition from a sign writer with no art training to take on all by himself, but one that amazingly received permission from the bishop of the Diocese and the interest of the parish priest and many parishioners. Gary painted the roof of his parish church in a striking, beautiful reproduction of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel Ceiling that has gained international recognition. He has retained all of his Preliminary Sketches and full-scale figure designs and is pleased to be able to present them now in a variety of prints and art cards. As well as his Sistine Chapel Ceiling Reproduction art, Gary has continued to paint many beautiful murals, canvases and portraits since completing the Sistine Chapel. Many of these are available in high quality prints and cards. Visit his website for listings and more information here:¬†

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