FROM THE ARCHIVES – The Agony and the Ecstasy II – an article in Time Magazine 1989


FROM THE ARCHIVES: Occasionally we will be posting interesting articles and information from ‘The Sistine Chapel Ceiling Reproduction’ archives. Today’s item from the archives is an article that appeared in Time Magazine in 1989 when news of Gary’s art project began to spread around the globe. Gary was surprised to receive a copy of Time magazine in which this small article appeared – the article reads:

‘Overwhelmed by the beauty of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, Gary Bevans picked up his brushes, set up scaffolding and began copying the masterpiece onto the ceiling of his humble parish church in West Sussex. Fortunately, says Bevans, the English Martyrs church has the same width as the Sistine. “Everything fits so far.” Between making his living painting signs and truck panels, Bevans, who has never had an art lesson, expects to finish the reproduction in two years. In any case, the devout Roman Catholic has rediscovered Michelangelo’s agony. If you drop a brush, says he, “it’s a long way down to pick it up.”

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